/Meet The OnePlus 5!!
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Meet The OnePlus 5!!

We’re just a day away from the launch of the OnePlus 5 and while we already know a lot about it, there are still quite a few details that we don’t. Now, in a new video, we’re getting some minor details confirmed.

OnePlus invited The Verge to its office in Shenzen, China where the publication was given some behind the scenes insight on what goes into OnePlus’ smartphones, especially the OnePlus 5.

The video primarily focuses on what the company went through in designing its new phone. Of course, we get a few new looks at that same design we saw last week, but the main story here is in the new details. First off, we get a pretty extensive look at what decisions went into the “class-leading camera.”

There are a handful of prototypes seen in the video, including a couple we saw in leaks, but the final design the company settled on placed the cameras in the top corner to minimize the camera bump.